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Our Excel in Tennis program has been curated for the pros; join us at Ace and step closer to your dream of being a professional tennis player! These camps offer a unique combination of skill training, personalized coaching, fitness regimes, yoga, and also emotional well-being.

Excel in Tennis

6 Months Program

  • Sessions : 150 (6-sessions a week)
  • Private Session : Once a week (by Dmitrii or Pramesh)
  • Court Time : 1 hour every day
  • Sports Psychology Sessions : 1 session every month

Join us on a six-month tennis program to learn the basics of the sport while simultaneously rewiring your mind and body, fostering a holistic and enduring connection between mental and physical prowess.

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Excel in Tennis

1 Year Program

  • Sessions : 300 (6-sessions a week)
  • Private Session : Twice a week (by Dmitrii or Pramesh)
  • Court Time : 1.5 hour every day
  • Sports Psychology Sessions : 2 session every month
  • Nutrition Consultations : 6 personalized diet plans

Embark on a transformative one-year tennis journey, mastering the fundamentals, refining your mental game, and sculpting a resilient mind-body connection for a lifelong love of the sport.

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These players are the pride of our academy. They have competed in multiple national and international tennis tournaments to earn a great AITA ranking.


Frequently Aced Questions

Ace welcomes all! While prior knowledge of tennis will definitely benefit you as a player, it is not a compulsory requisite to be a part of the program. Our packages are tailor-made to suit the needs of tennis players at all levels.

The professional training camp at Ace Tennis Academy is designed for players with primary or no experience, who wish to become professional players and participate in various leagues and international tournaments. It includes a rigorous training regime, dietary planning, and a time-focused routine.

The coaching team at Ace Tennis Academy is led by veteran coach Pramesh Modi, a tennis maestro with over 38 years of experience in training champions for district, state, national, and international tournaments. He is accompanied by Moldovan pro-tennis player Dmitrii Baskov, with an ATP high ranking of 1702 (as of 2014), who has years of experience in playing the sport as well as training students from all over the world. Head to our 'Meet the Aces' section to learn more about our tennis specialists.

Yes! We are a proud part of the thriving tennis network worldwide as well as in Ahmedabad, offering aspiring players a diverse range of tournaments, matches, and games from all over to participate in. We not only provide exposure to such platforms but also ensure that our players are enrolled, fit, and well trained to ace the game!

Our world-class infrastructure at Ace Tennis Academy includes covered clay courts and synthetic courts, equipment, dedicated ball pickers for extended playing hours, and cricket and basketball courts for additional athletic training. Apart from these, our in-house lakeside cafe and fitness centre are to watch out for!

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