Dmitrii Baskov

Head Coach

Blending Moldovan action with Indian passion. Just show me your hunger to win, and I will make you the winner who graces the podium.

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What do I offer?

As an ATP contender turned coaching maestro, my game has transitioned from center court to center stage in nurturing budding talents. Armed with a racket and a playbook of on-court sagacity, I'm not just coaching; I want to sculpt the future of tennis. In my training sessions, we don't just refine strokes; we craft champions, one strategic move at a time. Welcome to a court where every lesson is a chapter in your personalized tennis epic, and I'm your guide to tennis greatness.

What my
students say?

"Dmitrii Sir is so passionate about the sport. He always gives me the right advice at the right time, which helps me improve my game every day."

Purnesh Buddhdev,
Resident Student at Ace Tennis Academy

"Since my first day at Ace, he has been my support system for pursuing my love for tennis. With his training, I am positive that I will reach new heights in representing my country at international tournaments."

Manya Desai,
AITA Ranked Tennis Player

"I have trained at many academies before Ace, and I was still looking for an academy that had a hands-on approach to tennis. At Ace, I have finally found it, and Dmitrii Sir is the perfect trainer that I was looking for. With him being an ATP-ranked player, there’s nothing more I could ask for."

Suraj Rajput,
Jr. AITA Ranked Tennis Player

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