Commit to Tennis

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Come stay at our academy and make the most of our facilities at Ace while living the tennis life with a programme built to bring out the best in you.

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Our Commit to Tennis program is tailor-made to give you a glimpse of what it means to live the tennis life while staying at our residential facilities. A program that is tailored to work on all aspects, like skills, coaching, fitness, healthy diets, and emotional well-being.

Commit To Tennis

6 Months Program

  • Sessions : 150 (6-sessions a week)
  • Private Session : Once a week (by Dmitrii or Pramesh)
  • Court Time : 3 hours every day
  • Sports Psychology Sessions : 1 session every month

Immerse yourself in the tennis realm through our 6-month residential program, designed to acquaint you with the game's essentials while simultaneously transforming your mindset and physique, fostering a comprehensive connection between mental sharpness, physical fitness, and sports nutrition and ensuring great outcomes.

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Commit To Tennis

1 Year Program

  • Sessions : 300 (6-sessions a week)
  • Private Session : Twice a week (by Dmitrii or Pramesh)
  • Court Time : 5 hour every day
  • Sports Psychology Sessions : 2 session every month

Dive deep into the world of tennis with our year-long residential program, tailored to introduce you to the fundamentals of the sport while also reshaping your mindset and body, fostering a complete integration of mental acuity, physical fitness, and sports nutrition, guaranteeing promising results.

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These players have joined our academy to make tennis more than just a part of their lives. With everything at their disposal at our academy, they are on their way to pursue their dreams for tennis.


Frequently Aced Questions

A healthy, structured diet is extremely crucial for an athlete to succeed. The residential program at Ace includes detailed meal plans that take care of players' dietary needs, are paced regularly, and are packed with the right amount of nutrients.

The security personnel at Ace Tennis Academy are active across the facility 24x7, and can be contacted at any time in case of any emergency. A compulsory entry-and-exit record is maintained to keep track of visitors to the facility, and our fitness trainers and coaches take regular attendance for visibility. We also have an in-house doctor and a sports psychotherapist to take care of the player's physical and mental health; in case of any emergency, players can simply reach out to any of our facility members for guidance.

Yes! Our Residential Training Program is the epitome of discipline and routine, but we feel that it is important to stay in touch with your roots and those you love to become a successful, all-rounded player. We have designated days for family-and-friends visits, which are informed to residential program students in the initial weeks of the program for them to coordinate visits accordingly.

When you join Ace Tennis Academy, we collect your medical and other records before the program begins. Dietary restrictions, special needs, allergies, or any other special concerns that need to be addressed must be specified while your records are being collected by our team. Going forward, we take it upon ourselves to be mindful of your needs and restrictions.

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