Tennis ki pathshala

We groom winners for the game & for life

Ace is a tennis academy where every serve strikes success, and every session fuels achievement, shaping champions and fostering personal growth.

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The only dress code
at our academy is winning

With our seasoned experience and deep expertise, we've crafted our academy to perfectly suit your goals, ensuring every step of your journey is met with support and guidance.

Consider our courts your canvas,
where every swing makes a difference

The founders

We’ve got your back
from baseline to the net

Pramesh Modi

Founder & Head Coach

A philanthropist and Dronacharya for many, Pramesh Modi has dedicated more than 38 years of his life to the sport of tennis. He has shaped over 3,000 players into champions across state, national, and international platforms.

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Dmitrii Baskov

Head Coach

A Moldovan pro-tennis player with a 1702 ATP ranking, Dmitrii Baskov has aced various international tournaments spanning his glorious career. He has coached players from various countries and continues to scout for those who wish to become champions.

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