• On Court Training

      1. 3 Mud Courts( Zero Injury Surface)
    2.Specialised training tailored to the physical and mental needs of every student.
    3.A qualified team of Coaches and Feeders
    4.Ball Boys

  • Off Court Training

    1. A highly qualified Physical Trainer and his team.
    2. Sports Injury specialised Doctor.
    3. Physiotherapist
    4. Mental Conditioning and Motivational Specialist
    5. Ball Boy
    6. Massaging Facility
    7. Movable Gym
    8. High Altitude training every quarter for the advanced group.

  • Achievements

    1. World No. 1 (Jr.)
       Yuki Bhambri (Played with us since he was two years old till 2002)
    2. World No. 3 (Jr.)
       Divij Saran (played with us since he was four years old till 2002)
    3. Davis Cup
       Yuki Bhambri
       Divij Saran
    4. Federation Cup
       Ankita Bhambri played the Federation cup when she was with us.
    5. World Cup (Jr.)
       Divij Saran
       Ankita Bhambri
       Sanaa Bhambri
    6. National Champions
       H P Dhillon
       Abhishek Gupta
       Rachita Kohli
       Nona Wagh
       Sangeeta Rajgopalan
       Rohika Hardas
       Ronit Bisht,
       Rohit Bisht,
       Puja Deshmukh,
       Ankita Bhambri,
       Sanaa Bhambri
    7. Asian Champion
       Rohit Bisht ( He was with us till 2010)